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Digital Signage | Education

Colleges and Universities are using interactive digital signage to communicate critical and time-sensitive information to students, faculty and visitors, quickly and effectively.  Streamline infrastructure by promoting upcoming events or guide newcomers to their destination with interactive wayfinding.  Broadcast emergency messages and evacuation plans at a moment’s notice.

Emergency messaging, evacuation maps and campus police are a necessity, now more than ever. Ensure safety and security with custom, on-campus digital signage systems, designed by Intermedia Touch.  Broadcast emergency notices and display pre-programmed content to select or all displays, remotely.

Digital signage FIU

Effortlessly guide your students and visitors to their desired destination.  Custom interactive kiosks in addition to downloadable applications integrate wayfinding software and mapping systems with mobile functionality to clarify location and facilitate efficient route planning.  Provide wayfinding, while offering an alternative, additional platform for campus news distribution.


Paper menus and handwritten chalkboards promoting the special-of-the-day are no longer required. Dining options and special promotions can now be displayed on interactive touch screens. Menus are now a multi-media experience. Simply clicking a menu item opens up photos and videos of the entire menu. Increase on-campus dining by engaging visitors at the point of entrance with a digital signage monitor.


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  CONTACT US to learn more about our on-campus systems and request a live demo today.


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